Transportation and logistics

ARROW mobile spol. s r.o. uses modern transportation equipment represented by MERCEDES BENZ and MAN brand freight vehicles.

Our vehicles are maintained in a very good technical state, thanks to regular service checks at official MERCEDES BENZ, MAN service locations, the ARROW partner service system and thanks to the high level of care provided by our employees. 

ARROW mobile spol. s r.o. provides regular training for its employees with the goal of continually increasing the quality of the services provided and professionalism in its field.  

ARROW mobile spol. s r.o. is environmentally friendly. Our vehicle fleet consists only of vehicles with EURO 5 and EURO 6 level motors. 

Our Transport and Forwarding Offices Offer:

  • 48 of our own vehicle units and approximately 110 vehicles provided by our regular suppliers 
  • Export-import primarily to the following countries - DE, NL, B, L, A, SK, H, UK, F, I, RO, BG, E, PL
  • Provision of in-country transportation throughout the entire Czech Republic 
  • ADR equipment for the transport of hazardous materials of all grades, with the exception of grades 1 and 7 (100% of vehicles) 
  • Vehicles in the TAPA TSR mode 
  • For safety reasons,  95% of our vehicles are solid-walled vehicles with internal loading space of up to 3,03 m
  • Tarp vehicles are equipped with a break-in resistant safety tarp
  • Mercedes Benz vehicles with trailers (38 EUR pallets), Mercedes Benz Actros with trailer (33 EUR pallets), MAN TGX with double-decker trailer (with double floor for transport of up to 66 EUR pallets) and 5t, 3t box solo vehicles, as well as vans
  • For fast and immediate communication, vehicles are equipped with cell phones (100% of vehicles) and GPS monitoring systems (100% vehicles) 
  • Freight forwarder liability insurance established by the CMR Agreement 
  • Freight forwarder liability insurance during in-country shipment transportation 
  • Insurance in accordance with the Montreal Protocol for transportation of airfreight shipments in the "RFS" system.
  • Cabotage insurance for transportation within the Republic of Germany.